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A girls’ night out is always a good idea, no matter our age!

For a glamourous evening with your close friends, why not a dinner cruise aboard the Bateau-Mouche Montréal?  All dressed up and excited for the most urban ladies’ night in town, head on over to the Old Port of Montreal on a sunny Thursday after work. What a wonderful girls night out it will be! You will be congratulated for your great idea and will want to relive the experience year after year. Why not even make it your tradition?

Whether it be a calm dinner with friends to catch up on each other’s life events, share your visions of life, eat and drink well together or a girls’ night out to laugh and have lots of fun, it is by far the best way to celebrate and fully enjoy the joys of summer.

A girls’ night out can also be a great occasion to meet other smart ambitious women and to develop fruitful professional relationships and long meaningful friendships. A dinner cruise is the perfect time to share ideas, inspiration and future projects. On the St-Lawrence River, surrounded by young successful women, you will feel the motivation flood in. Back at the Jacques-Cartier Pier, you will get off the boat full of energy and ready for the next challenge to come!

It’s no secret, girls like to try new things. During your dinner, you can each pick a different dish from our delicious menus to taste them all. To introduce your friends to resh and local cuisine, don’t forget to share your pictures on Instagram and Facebook!

Choosing the Bateau-Mouche for your next girls’ night out is choosing a more than special evening fully committed to all of your girlfriends well-being. Don’t wait any longer, gather all your friends and book this unique and inviting activity.