Our story

The Bateau-Mouche was born from the conviction that sailing is a pleasure in itself, and its desire to promote Montreal and the St. Lawrence River.  Built  in the Old Port of Montreal, the Bateau-Mouche was inaugurated during the city's 350th anniversary in 1992.

Its first season in operation barely over, it was awarded the Tourism Grand Prix from the Office des Congrès et du Tourisme du Grand Montréal in the "Tourist Innovation" category.

In 1994, the Bateau-Mouche was awarded the silver medal in the recognition program "Les PME de la Banque Nationale".

Two years later, in view of our success, we had to expand! In its redesigned version and custom-build, the boat measured 32 m in length. Equipped with an main deck,  an upper deck and an exterior terrace deck, it offers maximum comfort to its guests, for the pure pleasure of navigation.

In 2012, the Bateau-Mouche celebrates its 20th anniversary by unveiling a new silhouette, la Terrasse Chic. With the addition of a 40,88 m2 (440 ft2) open air deck to the main structure, its full length now reaches 36,88 m. (See the new structure)

Thanks to its slight draught of barely 60 cm (24 inches) and its flat bottom, the Bateau-Mouche allows smooth sailing bringing you closer to the splendor of the St. Lawrence River and the shorlines. 

The Bateau-Mouche is propelled by three motors of 300 horse power each. Each motor operates a water turbine (like jet propulsion) which pumps 34,500 litres of water per minute.

Since 1992, the Bateau-Mouche has welcomed close to two million passagers and and more than half a million meals have been served since the lauching of our innovative dinner cruise experience.

Always striving for innovation, a major project was undertaken in the fall of 2019 to offer you a brand new, sleek and modern décor for the 2021 season. We have also prepared the Bateau-Mouche to offer you safe cruises.  

The Bateau-Mouche in the Old Port of Montreal is an independent corporation having its home port in Montreal. The company belongs to two Quebecers who participated in its conception and construction.


Virage vert

The Bateau-Mouche of the Old Port of Montréal contributed, in its own way, to reducing its ecological footprint:

  • Its four engines use biodiesel
  • The average consumption, per passenger, is 1.25 litres of biodiesel
  • Engine noise has been reduced by 33% thanks to the 2009 installation of mufflers
  • It complies with Environment Canada’s new pollution prevention regulations
  • It participates actively in the management of residual waste, in collaboration with the Piers of the Old Port of Montréal
  • It does not use plastic glasses, plates or utensils
  • It uses “green” maintenance and cleaning products as well as phosphate-free soap
  • It practices recycling and selective sorting on the piers as well as in its offices on Saint-Paul Street

Where does the "Bateau-Mouche" name come from?

In 1863, five boats, built in the Félizate shipyard, which is in the "La Mouche" quarter, a suburb of Lyon, were the original "bateau-mouche" boats, their name given for this particular type of excursion boat.