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Family activities

Looking for an activity that would please your whole family, big or small?

A day cruise aboard le Bateau-Mouche would be a memorable day for your family no matter the size. Whether it’s a small family outing or a big family reunion, a trip down the St. Laurence River Seaway will provide unforgettable moments for all.  Choose from 60 to 90 minute cruises.  Our experienced cruise guides will ride along with you to give the unique history of the old port and the seaway in a fun and dynamic presentation.

Take in the breathtaking beauty of urban and natural landscapes. Watch the delights of our skyline unfold before you as our guides help you discover the hidden and undiscovered facets of the jewel of our city.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn things you never imagined about one ofNorth Americas’ great historical cities.  While enjoying your floating history and natural history lesson, take the time to enjoy a beverage on the Terrace Chic or perhaps a savor a nice light meal aboard the Bateau-Mouche.

No matter the weather, rain or shine, le Bateau-Mouche invites you to Montreals most unique nautical experience.

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