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Romantic Night Out

Road trips, picnics, romantic restaurants and apple-picking outings are known to be classic activities for couples. If you wish to experience the most romantic thing to do in Montreal or have a little something special to celebrate, the Bateau-Mouche is the way to go!

Our dinner cruises allow you to take a well-deserved break from today’s fast-paced rhythm. After our captains warmly welcome you aboard, you may take place in a comfortable and luminous deck and have a waiter bring you your favorite cocktail. Time stands still, you can now take a breath and relax together.

A moment just for you, a breathtaking view, a fresh and delicious meal, a courteous service, good wine, a kiss on the terrace: the Bateau-Mouche is the ideal romantic getaway. You can continue your evening with a stroll in the Old-Montreal, the most inspiring neighborhood. Further from daily life, closer to the heart.

From mid-May to mid-October, choose the Bateau-Mouche for an authentic romantic cruise. Le Bateau-Mouche is to choose for a truly ideal couple activity in Montreal.

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