Celebrating fresh and local produce.


Plats fond noir 2017

This summer, Le Bateau-Mouche in the Old Port of Montreal is proud to feature Quebec's Nordic cuisine.  Inspired by this unique style of cuisine featuring the richness and distinctiveness of Nordic products, the team of chefs took pleasure in incorporating ingredients such as Nordic berries, garden produce, winter cereals, mushrooms, wild plants and typical boreal essences.

While sailing the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, discover a piece of the culture while savoring elderflower vinegar, sea buckthorn coulis, plant of mugwort, camerise berry, Jerusalem artichoke, sea asparagus, wild celery root, Labrador tea, black garlic, etc.

This fresh and authentic approach guarantees a memorable evening where all your senses are awakened.

Nourish your roots by choosing a dinner cruise with Le Bateau-Mouche and indulge in a moment with those you love.


3 dinner cruise packages: (Options with window seat garanteed also available)

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